Analysis results
Frame id=2 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3274.08 Max_Z=6790.4 COM_X=14824.6 COM_Y=15054.4 COM_Z=3447.01 RGY=147.547 MSD=0 F_Corr=0
Frame id=3 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3249.82 Max_Z=6814.77 COM_X=14819.5 COM_Y=15057.9 COM_Z=3446.25 RGY=147.542 MSD=8165.25 F_Corr=0
Frame id=4 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3277.3 Max_Z=6788.52 COM_X=14819.7 COM_Y=15059.4 COM_Z=3443.89 RGY=147.542 MSD=9818.81 F_Corr=0
Frame id=5 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3303.04 Max_Z=6820.56 COM_X=14824.3 COM_Y=15066.6 COM_Z=3442.52 RGY=147.568 MSD=13411.7 F_Corr=0
Frame id=6 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3283.03 Max_Z=6832.77 COM_X=14810 COM_Y=15064.3 COM_Z=3449.04 RGY=147.533 MSD=15368.5 F_Corr=0
Frame id=7 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3312.89 Max_Z=6807.94 COM_X=14815 COM_Y=15057.6 COM_Z=3444.95 RGY=147.53 MSD=14867.1 F_Corr=0
Frame id=8 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3214.77 Max_Z=6821.93 COM_X=14812.4 COM_Y=15056.7 COM_Z=3464.07 RGY=147.519 MSD=16722.5 F_Corr=0
Frame id=9 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3204.82 Max_Z=6823.71 COM_X=14814 COM_Y=15052.8 COM_Z=3454.99 RGY=147.509 MSD=18722.2 F_Corr=0
Frame id=10 SOM=2.6289e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3180.65 Max_Z=6788.09 COM_X=14810.2 COM_Y=15049.8 COM_Z=3462.12 RGY=147.5 MSD=18420.6 F_Corr=0
SDH of the last frame
RDF of the last frame

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