Analysis results
Frame id=0 SOM=1.46379e+07 SOC=400 Min_Z=0 Max_Z=4814.67 COM_X=3475.35 COM_Y=3409.35 COM_Z=3031.3 MSD=0 EN=32587 ED=0 CD=0.4 dipole->x=1239.57 dipole->y=-1109.79 dipole->z=-3269.51
Frame id=1 SOM=1.46379e+07 SOC=400 Min_Z=1677.52 Max_Z=5.46659e+22 COM_X=3475.27 COM_Y=3409.34 COM_Z=3031.33 MSD=5.48477 EN=0 ED=0 CD=0.4 dipole->x=1227.59 dipole->y=-1129.59 dipole->z=-3285.65
Frame id=2 SOM=1.46379e+07 SOC=400 Min_Z=1678.1 Max_Z=5.46659e+22 COM_X=3476.24 COM_Y=3410.35 COM_Z=3031.87 MSD=24.1362 EN=0 ED=0 CD=0.4 dipole->x=1213.12 dipole->y=-1155.09 dipole->z=-3298.9
Frame id=3 SOM=1.46379e+07 SOC=400 Min_Z=1678.78 Max_Z=5.46659e+22 COM_X=3476.16 COM_Y=3410.34 COM_Z=3031.89 MSD=49.4614 EN=0 ED=0 CD=0.4 dipole->x=1197.13 dipole->y=-1184.59 dipole->z=-3306.24
Frame id=4 SOM=1.46379e+07 SOC=400 Min_Z=1679.61 Max_Z=5.46659e+22 COM_X=3476.08 COM_Y=3410.33 COM_Z=3031.92 MSD=83.1841 EN=0 ED=0 CD=0.4 dipole->x=1182.11 dipole->y=-1215.89 dipole->z=-3307.4
SDH of the last frame
RDF of the last frame

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