Analysis results
Frame id=1 SOM=1.31369e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3207.45 Max_Z=6806.93 COM_X=14826.6 COM_Y=16723.4 COM_Z=2942.55 RGY=150.49 MSD=0 V_Corr=5.24458e+12 F_Corr=0 EN=0 ED=76 MD=13136.9 CD=1 dipole->x=19799.5 dipole->y=15403.6 dipole->z=7920.24
Frame id=2 SOM=1.31369e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3274.08 Max_Z=5.46394e+22 COM_X=14826.9 COM_Y=16715.2 COM_Z=2943.64 RGY=150.469 MSD=6100.31 V_Corr=1.93177e+12 F_Corr=0 EN=0 ED=-100 MD=13136.9 CD=1 dipole->x=19626.5 dipole->y=15514.8 dipole->z=7657.96
Frame id=3 SOM=1.31369e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3249.82 Max_Z=5.46394e+22 COM_X=14820.4 COM_Y=16716 COM_Z=2948.14 RGY=150.462 MSD=8343.87 V_Corr=1.84102e+12 F_Corr=0 EN=0 ED=-131 MD=13136.9 CD=1 dipole->x=19628.1 dipole->y=15375.1 dipole->z=7793.24
Frame id=4 SOM=1.31369e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3277.3 Max_Z=5.46394e+22 COM_X=14812.9 COM_Y=16719.1 COM_Z=2940 RGY=150.451 MSD=10527.2 V_Corr=1.37316e+12 F_Corr=0 EN=0 ED=-69 MD=13136.9 CD=1 dipole->x=19578.4 dipole->y=15682.5 dipole->z=7893.17
Frame id=5 SOM=1.31369e+07 SOC=1000 Min_Z=-3303.04 Max_Z=5.46394e+22 COM_X=14819.8 COM_Y=16723.2 COM_Z=2935.33 RGY=150.478 MSD=12624.2 V_Corr=1.62363e+12 F_Corr=0 EN=0 ED=-100 MD=13136.9 CD=1 dipole->x=19632.3 dipole->y=15351.2 dipole->z=7718.85
Frame id=3 SOM=0 SOC=0 Min_Z=5.7609e+29 Max_Z=5.7609e+29 COM_X=-nan COM_Y=-nan COM_Z=-nan RGY=-nan MSD=-nan V_Corr=-nan F_Corr=-nan EN=0 ED=0 MD=-nan CD=-nan dipole->x=-nan dipole->y=-nan dipole->z=-nan
SDH of the last frame
RDF of the last frame

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