Please follow these steps to run your analysis:

Step 1. In the home pape, if you want to process the data readed from trajectory files, please click left button to start. Or you can process the data got from Gromacs directly through sharedmemory, please click the right button.

Step 2. You need to fill the information required for the analysis. Then press the submit button.

Step 3. In this step, you will see a page like the following picture, if the infomation for your analysis in this page is right, press the button to run the analysis.

Step 4. Then you see this page. The processing is running and the time needed depends on the scale of your datasets. We also provide a link to the result, you can visit the result later by the link.

Step 5. When the processing is finished, you can see a button below, it will lead you to the results of this analysis.

Step 6. Then you can see the results.

Step 7. You can see the analysis history by the history records.

This project is supported by a NIH R01 grant (R01-GM086707) & a NSF grant (CAREER, IIS-1253980)

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